Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy birthday! {an etsy pet series}

   It's my baby girl's birthday this month! {What? You don't celebrate your dog's birthday? Pssh.} In honor of Jersey turning 3, I've rounded up some of my favorite Etsy pet shops to highlight this month. Eep! I so stinking excited about this. Dog treats, shampoo, toys, and custom artwork! Stop it. I can barely handle all the fun!
  To kick things off, let's talk about dog treats. As far as they go, my Weim is just about the least picky dog out there {guys, she eats poop}. My husky, on the other hand, is so picky and finicky. He's basically a diva. So when Diane sent me some treats to try out, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Murph {and of course Jersey} loved every. single. one. No exaggeration here. In fact, after I let them each try a few, I had to run to the post office. I left the bags of treats in the middle of our {pretty tall} dining room table to save for later so I could take pictures for this post. I didn't think anything of it. When I came home less than 10 minutes later, every single crumb {and bag!} had been devoured. You guys, they ate the plastic bags. No biggie- dogs get into stuff all the time, right? Wrong. My dogs have never ever so much as put their paw on our table! They never get into food and have never ever gotten onto our table! They clearly loved what they tasted and wanted more. I was dying!

Let's let the pictures speak for themselves {also, who has tried to get pictures of excited pups? Holy impossible!}

  All that to say- RUN to Dog Skout Cookies and scoop up some treats for your pup. If my pickiest eater loves them {and even eats the bag they came in}, your's will for sure, too. Dog Skout treats are made using human grade ingredients only, which is awesome since I basically treat my dogs like they're humans anyway. Also, full disclosure, the peanut butter cookies smelled so good that I even considered trying one. {I didn't}. Diane also happens to be the sweetest- she sent me extra treats to take more pictures, since the dogs jumped the gun and ate them all! Our favs were the Peanut Mutter Smashers and Skout's Training Treats. If you can't tell by the pictures, they clearly loved them. And I've already got some on my Christmas list to buy for some of my family and favorite blogger friends! 


Allison said...

I mean who doesn't celebrate their pet's birthday? :) I love it!

Unknown said...

They both love the cookies so much.

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