Friday, September 27, 2013

Best of my days. {25}

   It's friday night {morning, really} and I feel alright...the party's here one the westside {the northside, really}...
This Is How We Do It by Montel Jordan on Grooveshark   
   I love me some Montell Jordan, guys. Also, Fridays. I love Fridays. And photobooth, which I'm realizing that I don't use enough these days.

291. morning walks with the pups
292. family time
293. wine and good friends
294. a healing dog toe!
295. really quality time in the Word
296. giftcards
297. successful first days at work
298. a husband who cleans up after wine night
299. feeling content
300. dark chocolate covered almonds


Anonymous said...

KB. I'm dying. And I miss you.

Legally Lovely said...

Chocolate, wine, AND a cleaning man!? Girl, you've got it made!