Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 I've participated in my fair share of blog swaps. I know they seem super cheesy, but they really can be wonderful. I've met some really sweet ladies and friends through them {like Chelsea and Stormy!}. When I saw Lindsay post on IG about MugSwap2013, hosted by Kim, I knew I had to jump in on the fun. Because, mugs! I have been totally screwed in the past with some swaps, but was hoping this would be a good one. Guys, it was so much fun. Half the fun was putting together my package for Tracey...

   And of course, I didn't hate getting some goodies in the mail myself. {Who am I kidding?? I live for good mail.} Lora did an amazing job and I may or may not have already eaten the entire package of LornaDoone's she sent me. {my bad}

   On a side note, I'm banning myself from buying anymore mugs this year. It had kind of become an obsession. {Except for travel mugs, I need more of those}. I'm blaming the mug-people for making such adorable mugs. Totally not my fault.


{cuppakim} said...

love it!!!
i love the way you put the tea in that vintage jar.

how fun! :)

and the package you received is fantastic as well :)
SO FUN :) SO glad you participated!

Anne aka Mimi said...

Great mugs, both the one you got and the one you gave. I need to ban myself from buying any more mugs too. Except then I see another one I like... it's hard. I agree... it's not our fault. And also, travel mugs? Yes, more! xoxo

Elizabeth said...

so many cute packages! i am in love. that mint mug :) i love the mint!!

Kelly said...

I had to ban myself from buying mugs too.
I love the tea in the jar, so cute. And the box of goodness you received...nice!

Lora said...

your mug that you sent is awesome! my dad says that quote all the time. :) so happy you loved your box too - i had fun picking everything out for you! (and i know what you mean about those cookies - they are addictive!)
so glad we've gotten to know eachother! lora