Thursday, August 22, 2013

Because, I can.

  I was totally planning on sharing my garden-fresh marinara recipe today. And then I saw my dogs looking all adorable across the room and I thought, screw it. A dog post! Because, why not? I am basically obsessed with them and really, my dog-blog-sharing has been slacking lately. In real life, I talk about them all the time {Hi, I'm Katie and I love my dogs. You want to see pictures? I happen to have a few hundred on my phone right now...} and this blog is supposed to be a reflection of me in real life, no? Right. So, dog pictures! For no other reason than that I love my dogs.

  I should also note the while finding pictures to include in this post I realized that all my 'favs' of my husky include him in some sort of ridiculous clothing {ie. scarves, dog dresses}. I. Have. A Problem. 

   So, that's all for today. Dog pictures! Maybe a recipe tomorrow? Or maybe just more dog pictures. So much room for activities!!!


{cuppakim} said...

no shame in this game.
hahaha. i love it.
i love a good dog blog.

i have the same problem. :)

Nicole Marie said...

hahah love the upside down one