Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Boozy lemonade.

   One of my goals for June was to find a great sorbet recipe. And I did, sort of. Full disclosure? I didn't even try to make actual sorbet. I kind of forgot. But, I was introduced to the most amazing boozy summertime drink by my friend Kathleen. Which has sorbet vodka in it, so basically, I made sorbet right? Right. Oh em gee, this stuff is delicious. {you know it has to be if I actually just wrote out oh em gee} 
   I pretty much always have a pitcher of pink/strawberry lemonade in my fridge during the summer. I don't drink pop or sweet teas or any of that jazz, so this is my one sugary drink indulgence and I love it. Add some delicious berry, sorbet-y vodka and it is So. Good. You can't even taste the alcohol and I'm known for making strong drinks. 
  Moral of the story, try it asap. And thank me later! Cheers!! 


Allie Brooks said...

Hi sweet friend! I feel like it's been forever since we chatted! I love looking at all of your pictures! Do you use your kit lens or did you purchase a different one?? And what is your camera again?? :)

Emily Carnes said...

My friends made me some spiked strawberry lemonade for my bachelorette party, but i kinda forgot about the wonderfulness of it. I'm def gonna have to run and get some vodka!

Ashleigh said...

Hello Yummy goodness :)

Stormy said...

I can't tell you how badly I want to try this! It looks SO tasty & refreshing! Plus, it's pink. TOTAL win!