Monday, July 8, 2013

Up & Doing. {June recap}

//run five mile// Just, no. This didn't happen. But I logged 11 over the holiday weekend?? Totally counts.

//make sorbet// Sort of. I'll share my 'recipe' tomorrow...

//go on a summer date// Score! We dominated this one. Indians game. Meals out. Discovering new trails around the city. This was clearly my fav.

  Summer seems like a good excuse to take a break, which I inadvertently did with my goals in June. I've said it a dozen times, but last summer was such a wash. I've found myself really just trying to enjoy every bit of sunshine and summer-y goodness this year, I think to make up for last summer. The best way to keep doing that, I've decided, is to put my Up & Doing goals on hiatus- just until summer comes to an end. When September rolls around I may start a little link-up for these monthly goal posts.
  Until then, cheers to summer and sunshine!


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