Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer {favorites}.

  Back in March I did a favorites post. It was so fun, why not just make it a seasonal thing? K. I'm so in love with summer {and spring and fall} and really, seriously plan to live in a beach town someday. We haven't been able to log much sun/pool time yet this year, but I'm banking on our upcoming lakehouse vay-k to make up for that! Also, it seems important to note that, while it didn't make my list, I am currently obsessed with our new patio furniture. This is evidenced by the three hours I sat outside working around it today. Helloooo, tan lines! 

1// Old Navy Vintage tees. These shirts are the Old Navy basically has a summer long sale on everything in their store, these included! I have about 7 of them in different colors and I wouldn't mind have a few more. LOVE them. 

2// Hillsong United Zion. This cd has been on repeat for weeks, and I finally bought a legal copy on iTunes yesterday! {pats self on back}

3// the Festival necklace. Ok, I'm sure you're sick of me talking about Noonday. {I just really can't help it} But I love this necklace that I bought after my trunk show in June. It goes with everything {like my favorite tees!} and is so darn colorful!

4// Zinnias. I've already said it a zillion times {here and on instagram}, but I can't get enough of my zinnias! I have two or three bud vases full of them every day and they just make me smile, you know?

5// Volcano candle. Have we talked about this and how much I love love LOVE it? Or how I basically crapped my pants when I saw that it comes in a smaller {read: cheaper} size?? If I could only burn one candle for the rest of my life, it would be this one.

6// Parks and Recreation. I'm not sure what happened, but Justin decided he likes it now. We tried watching it a year or so ago, and he hated it. Either way, we're loving our post-cable life with Netflix episodes of Leslie and the gang!

7// Sally Hansen's Xtremewear polish. While its not a bright and summer-y shade, I could wear Grey Area every day and never get sick of it.

8// Green tea. Iced green tea is my summertime jam {when I'm not sipping boozy lemonade, of course} and this is my go-to brand.

9// Book club. We've had some duds over the past couple months, but I'm excited about this month's read. And really, I just kind of love book club. No matter what we read, we really just have a good time eating and drinking together! Start one. 

10// Straws. I usually snag a big box of straws in the dollar aisle, but this year my mom grabbed me some big, chunky, colorful ones from Ikea. Love! 

And, just because I really do love them, another zinnia photo. 

  But enough about me. What are you obsessed with this summer?? 

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Lindley @ The Grinning Labrador said...

Old Navy has been killing it this summer! It's the happiest shopping excursion ever to go there and realize everything purchased was under $8. Seriously my favorite store this season :)