Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer reading.

   Ever since finishing grad school last year and slipping into much more of a normal 9-5ish routine, I've been able to pick up reading for fun again. Then book club started a few months ago, and I've just been devouring books. This summer is turning out a bit differently than I had thought or hoped it would, but that just means there's even more time to get my read on. And we cancelled cable again, so that frees up some time. And I may or may not have join the library's adult summer reading program, so there's that. {don't judge me with your judging eyes...} 
   I stopped by my library's book sale on Saturday and had to make myself leave after finding 8 books in no more than 10 minutes. Self-control. I only spent $4.50, and have enough new books to last me into July. So you're probably thinking I'm not interested in hearing your book recommendations, since I have a whole stack sitting next to my bed, just waiting to be read. But you'd be wrong. What are you reading this summer? I hear good things about Gone Girl and all Jodi Picoult books. Anything else I have to add to my hold list at the library?


Chelsea E. said...

A) YAY books and time to read them. B) How messed up is it that when I read you cancelled your cable, I got jealous?? I really despise cable. There, I said it.

laureneshepherd said...

THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS! Best book I've read all year. Girrrrrl, you gonna love it.

Hillary said...

Every. Single. Jodi Picoult book.

But The Pact is my all-time fave.

Legally Lovely said...

ooh. you can never have too many books.
if you have the time, i would highly recommend "my life in france" by julia child. loved it.

Amanda said...

Everything written by Karen Kingsbury :) she's amazing.. Tear jerkers for sure! && I love your night table!