Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Knock off.

   Who doesn't love the ever popular Anthro Homegrown Monogram mugs? But they're so homemade-ish, I knew I could make a knock-off. And what better excuse than Mother's day?! A trip to Goodwill, a shipment of some lovely Martha Stewart Craft goodies {eek!}, and a bit of handiwork later- and I'm in love with the finished project. Add a little flower, and you have the cutest Mother's Day gift or brunch place-setting.  

   For this project, you'll need a white ceramic mug, Martha Stewarts large paisley silkscreen, adhesive letter stencil, brush, and all purpose acrylic paint. All of these lovely supplies can be picked up at your local Michael's. 

    What I love about these silkscreens & stencil is their adhesiveness. It makes applying the paint so much simpler. I did notice, however, that the more I used my silkscreen and rinsed it off {I made two mugs}, it lost some of its stickiness. The adhesive letters worked great, though! 
  Start by wrapping the silkscreen around the mug. Wrap tightly and work out bumps so the paint goes on smoothly.

  Paint a layer of acrylic over the silkscreen. Slowly remove the stencil and wipe any smudges with a wet cloth. Let the paint dry, and then reposition the stencil/repeat until the mug is covered with the print. 

   After the entire print is dry, evenly position the monogram. 

   Paint and slowly remove the stencil. 

   I liked the sloppy edges that bled through, but cleaned them up a bit with a wet cloth. To set the paint, place in a cool oven and bake at 350° for 30 minutes. To make sure the paint still doesn't chip, be sure to wash by hand or the top shelf in a dishwasher.

Et voila!  Isn't the print lacey and lovely?

    To add a bit of pop, I picked up a baby geranium and planted it in the mug. Adorable? Yes. 

  And since I'm posting this days before Mother's Day, the cat's out of the bag. Guess you know what you're getting, sisters! :)

full disclosure:: This post was written as part of Blueprint Social and Plaid's Mother's Day campaign. I got some free stuff, but absolutely all the opinions and love for Martha's gorgeous craft supplies are all mine. 


Amanda said...

I love this!!! It's beautiful & you did a great job!

Stormy said...

Ahh! That is crazy adorable!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Katie, you completely rock!! Yours are even cuter!!

If you ever had an ebay shop (like you were thinking) I would totally buy one of these.

Ragan said...

This is a great tutorial, thanks for sharing! I love your blog - newest follower here!

Holly Osbeck said...

Well how flippin' adorable is that?! Thanks for the inspiration!

Allison said...

This looks amazing Katie!! Bye bye Anthro mug...hello DIY mug!

Emily Carnes said...

LOVEEEEEE! I've been dying to see this, since you've been taunting us with your sneak peeks. haha. Can't wait to give it a try...after I pin it on Pinterest!

Kiah † said...

Aw this is so cute!! I've been planning to make my mom something of this sort for mothers day! So I'm totally going to do this except fill it with beads and stick paper flowers in there so she can save the flowers and use the mug :)

Aleks said...

I LOVE this! What a cute idea for a little plant!!