Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco, Cinco, Cinco de Mayo

  Ever since Justin's Taylor days, Cinco de Mayo has been kind of a big deal. To celebrate this year, we had some friends over for a nacho bar, the best ever enchiladas, and mexican beverages. Delish! As usual, I failed to take a single picture. One day. One day I'll be better at that. Maybe.
 Justin and I are prone to reflecting a lot after hang outs like this weekend's. Did everyone have fun? Was anyone offended? Did we leave anyone out? Was the party lame? I'm really not sure why we're so darn concerned with pleasing everyone, but we really are. I think it comes down to the basics of wanting people to like you, have fun with you, and like you more (not less) after you host a shindig. You know? We're both generally outgoing and confident people, but those insecurities creep up from time to time and we've been so mindful of them since leaving our bubble of college life years ago. Its made me think about needing to take a step back and work more on having a Mary kind of heart. (hello, cheesy Christian analogy) Maybe put less into the planning and organizing and doing and more into being and enjoying.  

We showed our class when we broke out a screen door to use as a table.

  Truly, I think it was fine. Good food makes anything better, right? Right.

 It was also the best excuse to try out some new recipes! I found the best blue margarita, easy non-fried ice cream, and my absolute new favorite sangria recipe (sharing soon!). And had the excuse to make my favorite salsa and hand out as party favors. And put a sombrero on my husky. It was a win/win, people. Win/win.

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Stormy said...

Sounds like you had a blast my dear! :)