Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hi, my name is Katie and I'm craft-insecure.
I love to make things, but then always second guess myself. 
I don't mind so much how a craft turns out if its just for me...
but even then I find myself asking J over and over it it looks 'terrible' or if he's sure its 'okay'.

And that insecurity catapults to a whole new level when I make a craft for someone else. I love doing it, but always worry about what they'll think when they open it.
Will they notice every mistake?
Will they be embarrassed to use or display it?
Will their first thought be, "what a piece of junk!"?

Ugh. Its an endless cycle of insecurity that I kind of hate but have the hardest time overcoming.

I had seen those cute jute-wrapped letters all over blogland {I've been a little MIA on pinterest lately...}
and thought they'd be so easy and a fun gift.
Then I tried making one. an R.
I struggled so much with it! Who knew corners could be so difficult?! 
I used the first as a practice, but really wanted to make a nice one for my BIL and SIL. So I tried again. And J swears it looks nice,
but I'll be honest and say I'm worried that they'll hate it.
{I'm 99% sure they don't read this :D}
And since they live in NJ, I'll never even know if they end up hiding it in the back of closet.

Do you ever get like that? Second guess yourself or worry too much about what others will think? Any wise words on getting over these insecurities?


Kevin said...

This happens to me all the time... Craft insecurities are my #1 hardship in life :-)

Christina said...

oh my word this is the story of my LIFE! I can make something for MY house - but I really really struggle making things for other people! Everything homemade is imperfect, and that scares me!!

I shared this on my FB page because I think so many other people can relate!!

Danielle said...

I can definitely relate! I always feel the same way, even if I'd be happy to be given the same thing as a gift it makes me nervous they'll hate it.

Unknown said...

I am the exact same way but I also start to wonder if it will fall apart in a few months. Did I put enough glue? Did I hammer enough nails in? That sort of thing. But honestly, I think you run the risk of the person not liking it even if it was store bought. You never really know if it is something that they will want. I say you just have to go for it!

Allie said...

I'm too scared to even try crafts, so kudos that you go that far! However, I think it is ADORABLE and anyone would be CRAZYYYY not to love it!

Emily Carnes said...

OMG I'm the SAME way!! I love making cards, and trying out new crafts, but I never feel mine look exactly like I had wanted it to in my head.

I think your letters are wonderful, though!! I love them!!

Erin said...

I also have crafty insecurities. It doesn't help that my BFF is awesome at crafts, so I am constantly comparing our projects!

Your letter is totally cute though - you did a fantastic job and I'm sure they'll be proud to display it!

Emily grapes said...

You're not alone, my friend. I think we all have these issues about one thing or another.

As I said yesterday, I think it looks great. I'd hang it happily on my door or on my wall if I was given this, cause we all know, I would never make this myself being the non crafter that I am.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Holly Osbeck said...

I feel this way too...that's why I can't make crafts for other people :) The R looks fabulous though!

Lexie and Brayden said...

ok so cute!!

Allie Brooks said...

I need to know how to do this!!!

Between You and Me said...

totally craft insecure.
I go in seasons of being crafty bc I have to be in a good place to really enjoy the work that I turn out while I'm being crafty.

It's too much work to do projects and then not like them or 2nd guess yourself....

I recently made a burlap wreath, and I actually loved it. yay...growth!