Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zig zag.

Its so good to know that I'm not alone in my craft insecurities that I share about yesterday.
But its made me think that, even in something as silly as crafting, Satan has worked his way in and made us forget about the only standard we really need to live up to.


For some reason those insecurities of mine don't carry over to handmade cards.
I have a thing about cards.
I love them and used to collect them in college just to have on and hand and send out regularly.
Then I became a grownup and didn't have $5 to spend on paper that would most likely be thrown away.

And I started making most of my own cards.
I fully realize they look a 5th grader.
And I'm ok with that, since, you know...they'll most likely be thrown away.

This card has been my go-to for awhile now. Cute and easy.
Takes about 5 minutes, no money, and I love it.
I think I saw a version on etsy or a paperie site at some point...I can't remember now.

You probably already have everything you need on hand already. Some fabric scraps, scissors, glue stick, paper, and a sewing machine.

I cut my paper by using a blank notecard as a guide. Then cut three hearts out of my fabric {using trial and error to get the right size/shape}, lightly glue the hearts in place on the card just for hold...then zig-zag stitch through my machine.
Easy, affordable, and cute!

And satisfies my obsession for sewing paper.
Anyone else love that as much as me?!

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Katie @ My Darling Days said...

What do you mean by a 5th grader? I freaking love this!! If I got this in the mail, I totally wouldn't throw it away either, but that's me. I'm kind of like to hoard pretty things :)

Lexie and Brayden said...

ok. this card is sooo adorably simple! i looove it. that is pinned. randomly stumpled upon your blog :) new follower!


Allie Brooks said...

Okay your crafts are so stinking cute!!!!

Megan said...

These are adorable!! I wish I knew how to sew. I really want to learn!