Monday, May 14, 2012

The end.

Two years later, and I found myself at the end of grad school this weekend.
There was lots of celebrating and reminiscing and well, graduating.
These two years have flown by and crept along all at the same time, you know?

As I've been thinking about how grad school has shaped and effected me...I've been kind of amazed. Mainly, I have been humbled by the privilege to get my degree. I don't take it lightly that I've always had the encouragement and support financial ability to go for my dreams {cheesy much?!}. I'm so thankful.

 I've been able to make some pretty wonderful friends along the way. Social work is kind of a funny draws an eclectic crowd. So I've been able to meet and learn from some people I wouldn't have known otherwise. And I've forged some friendships that will most definitely last for a very long time. They're the kind of friendships that are based not on having common hobbies or jobs or a long history together, but are based truly on knowing the other person's heart and loving what you see there. Real friendships, for sure.

And here's my most favorite part of my grad school experience. {And what I'm most excited for you, Laur!!!} I learned a whole lot about Jesus. I'm not sure I realized when I applied to a Social Work program how much my faith would be tested and grown. It wasn't my intention, you know? Someone once told me that Jesus was the first social worker. I get that now. And gosh, its been difficult at times. My political and social views have been rocked and turned upside down and now I find myself with viewpoints that are mostly in the minority for Christians. That's hard. My faith has been so enriched though. Pairing my academic studies with Scripture and prayer have changed my heart and relationship with Jesus forever. 

{end tangent}

So grad school, you've been great. You've changed me in ways I didn't expect. I'm leaving you with more than a pricey degree. I have made invaluable friendships and experienced Jesus in the most amazing ways. For those things, I'll always be thankful.

But, I'm not sad to see you go.
All those late nights, long papers, endless talks of theory and best practice. I won't miss those.
Not one bit!

 {grad party}

{celebrating downtown}

{celebrating downtown}

{best, most supportive husband ever.}

 {health concentration friends!}

 {We creatively called ourselves 'the lunch crew'}

{oh heyyyy Master's degree!!!}


{fun fact: In our 3 years of marriage, one of us has always been in school. No more!!}


Lori, baby girl, Cari, baby boy, me, and mom.

I'm so excited to move on to the next thing. I'm not sure yet what that is, but hopefully some of these interviews will shake down into a great job doing what I love!
Until then, I think I'll just keep sewing, cuddling with my pups, watching lifetime movies, and laying in the sunshine.
Sounds like a dream. :)


alliepal said...

Congrats Katie!! Loved hearing about your journey and I hope we can hang out sometime soon!! Good luck with job hunting :)

Ashley said...

WOW! Congrats friend. Quite the accomplishment! So happy for you :)

Emily grapes said...

Hooray for being done!!! That's so amazing that you finished, now have your masters and BOTH of you are done with school. What a relief, I'm sure!!!

I see you chose both dresses..they look great on you!
Way to go girl
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Anonymous said...

Congrats Katie! Way to get "hooded".

Anonymous said...

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