Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Under the weather.

Well, it turns out that tiredness and achey-ness I was fighting on Christmas day wasn't just from the laziness of the day or the busyness of the last few days.
Yesterday, I came down with a bonafide fever. 
And I'm pretty sure its the flu, folks.
My body feels like its been hit by a semi.
But I happen to have the best husband ever, so don't feel bad for me!
He's giving me lots of cuddles and water and meds.
Either way, this girl feels like poo and will most likely be sleeping the week away.
And trying not to cry.
I'm such a baby when I'm sick.

So, most likely, I won't be back around these parts until the New Year or the fever subsides...whichever comes first :)
Happy Tuesday!!!


Christina said...

oh I hope you feel better!! That stinks :(

Interprintations said...

Hope you feel better, sweets!!

Laura Darling said...

What a bummer! I hope you feel better soon!

Mary Nevin said...

get lots of rest!! hope you feel better soon!!

Emily grapes said...

I hope you're feeling better now. There's nothing like being full on sick to ruin your day. but thank goodness for doting hubbies...or men...haha Its so nice when they're extra sweet and helpful to you when sick.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Sam W. said...

awww poop. hope you're better now!