Wednesday, January 4, 2012

two thousand and late.

I'm totally late to the the New Year's blog post party.
{I blame it on the flu and visiting in-laws}
Fashionably late is my thing.

Like I mentioned last year, I've never been one to make conscientious new year resolutions.
A year ago, I chose a word to focus on for 12 months.
And in case you were wondering...I did ok working it into my life.
just ok.
What can you do? :)

But this year, 2012, is a big one.
I can feel it in my bones.
What? That's a weird thing to say.
Anyways, I'm excited for 2012.
2011 was GREAT. I fell more in love with the hubs, got another puppy, made some amazing friends, and WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!
But 2012 is going to be great, too.
Grad school is almost over {#hurryupMay},
and we're settling into our new house and the idea of living in Indy permanently.
That's new for us. Since we've been married, we've moved 4 times and never known where exactly we'd 'land'.
Welp, folks. We've landed!
So with graduation, settling in, and getting a new job...
I've had some goals floating around in my head.
And what better time to write them down the New Year's?
{er...3 days after New Year's}

1. Read for fun. Specifically, 3 books each month. Small goal, I know. But if there's one thing my social work education has taught me..its to make MAPS goals! {measurable, attainable, positive, and specific!}

2. Try 5 new recipes each month. I do this a lot already, but I want to be more intentional and maybe even share the ones I like.

3. Read my Bible every day and keep a thankful log. I got J a One Year Bible for his stocking, and we're reading it together. Always good for my heart...

4. Log miles. Running is so good for my soul, but I've been terrible at carving time out for it lately. I want to log 10 miles each week.

5. Make new friends. Does that make me sound like a complete lame-o? I have some pretty amazing heart friends. But most live hours, town, and states away. And J and I kinda felt like outsiders at the church we had been going to. So we're on the hunt for a great church in the Westfield/Indianapolis area {let me know if you have any in mind!!!}...and hopefully some new friends too! Ok...that sounds pathetic. But you know what I mean!

6. Pray. Without getting too mushy gushy, I want to make a more regular {daily} effort to take time to pray for my husband. And life and other things. But most definitely for my husband! :)

So there are my goals for 2012!
Keep me accountable?! 

And just for fun...
how cute is Murphy?!


Christina said...

love the video...murphy is SO cute! I also love seeing the dogs play together - Buckley definitely needs another dog in the house :)

And 3 books a month?! You're awesome! I'm lucky if I can get 3 in a year these days...

Love all of the other goals too...I share many of them :)

Emily grapes said...

So glad I got to know you in 2011. I wish we lived closer. :)
Yay for being settled in your home.

I hope you find a church where you can find friends and to me, there's nothing better than reading the bible together. I love that.

I have scared myself many a times, I feel you, chica.

I'm sure you looked greater than you think though. We've been working out, of course you looked better than you thought. :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes