Thursday, December 22, 2011

Right now.

I'm totally ripping this off from Tara at between you & me.
{which happens to be one of my fav blogs of all time!}
But I think she'll forgive me, since she borrowed it too!

So prepare yourself for the extreme awesomeness of my day!
Right now I'm...

{Things to note about this picture: 1. We're getting rid of those sick nasty blind things ASAP. Or as soon as I can afford curtains. and 2. Why hasn't anyone ever told me I stand so awkwardly?!?}

Watching: Friends, specifically the episode where Ross finds out about Chandler & Monica. Awesome. Christmas break has started a routine of watching 2 hours of it every evening while crafting!

Eating: Pomegranate. ONLY MY FAVORITE FRUIT EVER. I love this stuff. And its almost out of season, so I'm eating as much as possible.

Drinking: Water. I'm obsessed with water. I'm on my fourth Nalgene of the day. And my 90th trip to the bathroom...

Wearing: Pjs. What?! Its Christmas break, people!!! Who cares if its 5pm?! At least I put on a bra...I have some class.

Avoiding: Fully unpacking. From Thanksgiving & the cruise. I'm l.a.z.y.

Feeling: Content. Finances and job stuff have had tensions running pretty high in the Rush house...but I've been spending extra time talking to Jesus about it all. And so its good to honestly say I'm feeling really, really content right now. {Lam. 3:24}

Missing: college. With so much free time {grad school is a serious roller coaster of emotions}, I've been pretty nostalgic & missing some sweet, sweet college friends who don't live so nearby.

Thankful: for family & provision. The older I get, the more I love living nearing my family. Especially with all the fun things happening! I mentioned earlier that finances have been tense for J & I...and I don't say that lightly. But no matter how little we have or how we just truly don't know how things will work out, God always, always, always provides. It never makes sense, but it always leaves me humble & grateful.

Weather: Its unseasonably warm here in Indiana. {not that I'm complaining!!!} 48* and cloudy!

Praying: for my husband & how to be the best wife for him. The biggest thing I've learned since being married is that praying for J is the best thing I can do! {that's a hard lesson for someone who's the take-charge, talk everything to death type.}

Needing: To go for a run and to get into a routine. Its been too long {like 3 weeks?!} since I've really ran or exercised. woof. And while Christmas break is my favorite, I can only do it for so long. I can't wait to start my 40hr/wk internship!!

Thinking: about the Wine Party I'm hosting for some grad school friends in a couple weeks. I have so many fun ideas! And so little funds! :)

Loving: my cuddly pups. Since I don't have any babies {and won't for a loooong while!} I can't get enough of these two. And since the hubs keeps the house at a FREEZING 64*, snuggling with my fluffy husky is a winter favorite for sure.


Kendra said...

there's nothing better than feeling content! And yes to "friends". my friend and I watched all 10 seasons TWICE in a semester. It was a great use of our time :)

Alexis Kaye said...

what a good wife you are! sometimes i forget to pray for my husband which is silly because he's my best and favorite blessing!!! :) I hope your christmas is fabulous! And I love that your guys' initials are J&K! perfect ;)

Christina said...

love this...totally doing a post of the same thing now...thanks :)

Emily grapes said...

I stand the same way too sometimes. We're besties. ;)

I've learned praying for them is truly the best thing...hard..but the best thing.

I've been hit w/the same 'stresses' lately and God is showing me that He is here. It amazes and humbles me too.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

memory said...

yes! love drinking tons tons of water too...but you're right, the downside is that there's a million trips to the bathroom. including during when you're watching it's a wonderful life, one of your favorite movies you only get to see once a year... :0

pretty tree, lovely lady.

merry christmas!!

Katherine Oliver said...

I keep my house at 64* too. I have to or I sweat like someone running a marathon. Not even kidding!