Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Come back, JT!

Anyone miss JT {aka Justin Timberlake}
as much as me?
On my way to my internship this morning, 
Dead and Gone came on the radio
{I used to love that song}

{JT's most awesome part is at 3:23-3:50}

He's just disappeared off the music seen scene {EDIT: I seriously spelled it 'seen' at first. English much?} since Sexy Back...and I'm not liking it.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that his break-up with Jessica will spur some heartbreak songs...and a new, awesome album. A girl can hope, right?

Until then, Nicki Minaj is my music crush
{yes, I love Jesus and rap. GASP!}

{Isn't she wonderful?!}

Happy wednesday! I'm linking up with Paisley Passions for the Wednesday Blog hop! :)


Ashley said...

hahahaha... who knew a Christian could love Jesus AND rap? God forbid... Nicki is AMAZING and I too have been very hopeful for a new JT album dropping soon... or at least some cameo's?! get it together JT your fan base needs you... and how much does he remind you of airband soph/junior year? i think of Ross Dykstra everytime... miss you guys! <3

Herrington Photography said...

I love that you love Jesus AND rap! :)

Sam W. said...

love her!!

and i agree with you, JT needs to step it up.

Emily said...

I'm so out of touch, I've never heard either one of these songs...

You make me laugh though about rap. You sinner you, haha.

It's not my thang but fully agree that JT needs to come on back!

Mary Nevin said...

I love justin timberlake!! I can't wait to see that new movie with mila kunis, they will be an amazing duo. let's hope for more music asap :) happy wednesday lovely!

Cat said...

I don't know if I have ever admitted this is a public venue but I love JT...his music and him (he is one good lookin' guy :))

Megan said...

Hahaha. I love your GASP moment! I miss JT, too. He's so talented. What is he doing right now?? Tell him to come the heck back!