Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrifty goods.

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I love a good bargain.
but who doesn't?!
Unfortunately, I'm not the best at thrifting for cute vintage outfits {or really clothes at all. I have zero style. zero.}
BUT I pack a mean punch in the home goods department of bargain hunting! I mean, if I have a cute home, no one will care that I dress like an awkward 40 something trapped in a 20 something body, right?! right.

So anyways, I totally meant to post about my Goodwill and antiquing trip my mom and I took last month, but never did.
{I may or may not be the queen of good intentions and little follow through when it comes to this little blog :D}

We took advantage of the monthly 50% Saturday sale at Goodwill and I found these two gems...
{again, i used my trusty iPhone for pics and ColorProcess to filter them. terrible, I know. feel free to buy me a new camera!}

Cute nautical book ends. I'm thinking of sanding them down and spray painting them. White? Yellow? Navy? I'm open to suggestions!

this HIDEOUSLY ugly brown owl tealight holder. The owl is cute, the color is death. But I have a friend who loves owls, so I figured I could spruce it up for her...

...isn't it amazing what a can of spray paint can do?!

So after Goodwill, we headed to a local antique store, where I found a MILLION things I loved. But I'm poor, so it was a 'look only' trip for me.
{enter awesome, generous mom}

We stumbled on the AMAZING find.
{and she bought it for me!}

a vintage Gold Medal Flour recipe box from 1941! All the original recipes are in there, along with the previous owner{s} handwritten recipes. So old, so awesome. 
I'm so in love!

I've been planning to try some of the recipes out, but haven't had time. I can't wait though!! 
And I can't wait to go to this little slice of heaven sometime this summer with my fam.
Its going to be

happy thursday!


Emily said...

White, I say paint them white. I'm picturing it now....

That owl looks WAY better, nice find!

Do a lot of the recipes call for things you've never heard of or making things a certain way? I've read/heard old recipes that are a different language!
Great finds...even greater mom! :)

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Wow, the owl had an amazing transformation,. I love it!

And that recipe box with old recipes in it is priceless. What a fantastic find.

Ashley said...

thrifiting/vintaging was on my new year's resolutions list. you do a woman proud - great finds!

Megan said...

I totally wish that I liked to thrift! I think I would, I just feel like I'm not good at it. I think those bookends would look amazing in white with some navy books in there!

Interprintations said...

I love the recipe box!! Don't you just love Gilley's?? I could get lost in there....

Anonymous said...

i love going thrift shopping!

Anonymous said...

I went antiquing today! Some of the stuff makes me laugh but I bought an old globe and a simple bud vase that I'm pretty happy with, plus there was a store-wide sale so I got 15 and 10% off---SCORE!
The owl transformation is phenomenal, good for you for noticing its potential.
As for the book ends, I vote for a distressed aqua.

kylee said...

that recipe box has got to be one of the best thrift finds ever! i looove that the recipes are still inside! when you get around to trying them i beg you to post some of the good ones on the blog!

Maggie and Ben said...

oh. my. gosh. I am in love with this post!! I love thrifting for home goods and seriously need to take a trip to our local Good Will. I'm obsessed with that recipe box, and I think the bookends would look great in white or navy! Again, I wish we lived closer so we could thrift shop together!

Sam W. said...

the owl looks amazing!! great job.

happy friday :)

Unknown said...

i am SO JEAL of that recipe box! what a find!!! can't wait to hear how the recipes turn out!! :)

Momma StJ said...

Antiquing is fabulous. What's even more fun is antiquing in Quebec Canada. Old French things? yes please!