Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I had some big plans for yesterday.
{tackle the mountain of pots & pans to be cleaned, address the dog-is-shedding-his-winter-coat issue, get a head start on midterm hw & studying...}

But instead, I took a {small} nap with my pup, picked up some textbooks that were delivered to the wrong address, and met my hardworking hubby for a sweet little supper before he put in some overtime hours.

Best of all, though, was the {all too short} time I was able to spend with a good friend.
A heart friend, if you will.
Anyone else those? Heart friends?
I have a handful of them.
And whenever I see them, I am immensely blessed.
So today, I'm pretty thankful for heart friends!
{and I plan to let each of them know I'm so blessed by them today, I don't do that enough!!}


Herrington Photography said...

Well, I've never called them heart friends, but after reading your post - I definitely have a small handful of heart friends. The kind that just makes me so happy to be around, visit, catch up with....and they totally get me without any apologies or explanations needed. In fact, I just visited my best friend from childhood a couple of weeks ago - and we haven't actually seen each other in over 5 years, but we are still as close as ever (I guess daily texts and phone calls allow that to be the case). She is definitely one of my heart friend.

I think I've just learned a new term from you. So thanks.

Sam W. said...

heart friends are the best! you can go months without seeing each other, but nothing ever changes. love mine so much :)

stacey said...

thanks for your visit blessed me more than you know! i was driving home and called my mom to tell her i was on my way. she asked how our visit went and i replied, "it was SO good to see katie. i miss my friends and she's just such a great person, Mom. she has a beautiful heart." she agreed.

now, however, i think i may have the flu. katie, i hope you got your flu shot!!! if you get sick, you can definitely blame it on me! hope our visit was still worth it! love you!

laureneshepherd said...

Girl, I LOVE you.
When can we see each other?!