Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love, sweet love.

**Edit: I just realized how ridiculously long the following post is. Feel free to not read it. No offense taken! :)

It was about this time 2 years ago (**well, last night at midnight, to be exact**)
my wonderful husband asked me to marry him.
Want to hear the story? Ok! :)

We had to be at my parents' house on Valentine's Day {I needed to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress}, so we'd decided to re-live our first date...since it had happened in my parents' town and at their house. Cute, huh? :)

{Backstory: we went to Chili's, Hobby Lobby where he held my hand for the first time! {but he swears I was the one who did the holding}, and then to my parents' to watch Guess Who for our first date!}

So we left for Chili's sometime in the evening and it was pretty uneventful. {I even remember making a comment while we were waiting for our table about feeling like an old married couple already.} It was fun just to talk about our first date and enjoy some quiet {um...as quiet as it can be in Chili's?} time together. After supper, we skipped Hobby Lobby and just went back to my parents' to watch the movie, during which I fell asleep approximately 15 minutes into. Story of my life.
So, I went to bed about 9pm...and J started pacing the house like a crazy man.

He woke me up around 11:30 and told me to change out of my pj's. I figured he was taking me to look at stars or something sweet like that, so I did so. As soon as I got into the car, I fell asleep on his lap. {foiling his plan to listen to the mix of "our" songs on the drive} I was oblivious, if you couldn't tell!

Eventually he stops the car, wakes me up, and gets me out of the car. He tells me to open my eyes, and we're standing in Hobby Lobby parking lot. I started waking up about then.
He proceeded to say all sorts of sweet things {that I cannot remember} as he got on one knee and pulled out a little blue box {that I didn't notice}. Then he asked me to marry him.
Pretty sure I jumped on him and said "YES YES YESSSS!"
We went back to my parents' house, made a few phone calls, and stayed up late talking. 
It was a quiet, simple, sweet engagement. Just J & me.
I wouldn't have had it any other way.

The next day, he surprised me with a manicure and surprise party with 50 of our college friends.
I was pretty overwhelmed by love and support that Valentine's weekend.
It was so wonderful to celebrate our love with them!

I'm a pretty lucky lady, no?

So surprised and overwhelmed by the love & support of our friends!

And that's our story. Sweet, no?

**Just so you know, J thinks V-day proposals are cheesy. So he would want me to clarify that he did NOT propose on Valentine's day. In fact, he moved the clock in the car ahead to make sure that he proposed well after midnight on February 15th!**


Herrington Photography said...

That is a sweet story. I have a love for Hobby Lobby too, by the way. I think it's cute that he took you to the parking lot there to propose! :)

Hillary said...

this was one of the happiest days of a roommate's life.

no wonder you have such a fondness towards crafting.

Unknown said...

That's so sweet! My husband actually proposed 2 years ago as well... and did it the week before V-day so it wasn't on V-day (b/c he thinks that's cheesy too!)


{There's a giveaway going on over at my blog amyrenepowell.com ... love to see you there!}

Sam W. said...

so sweet! y'all are precious. i love simple, cute engagements - ours was just like that! but it was 4 days before valentines. my husband also insisted it was not in connection with the "dumb" holiday!

Anonymous said...

This was a fantastic day. The party, the ringdown, the excitement on your face from then until...well, still on your face. Love and miss you.