Wednesday, November 3, 2010

grownup update

because I know everyone is dying to hear how it went...
it went well.
not amazing, not terrible.
just well.
Mainly, it was really good to talk about things that are important to me with others who also value them.
(faith, growth, the Bible)

but also, 
it was fun going with Justin and being nervous together.
We both agreed it went well 
and that we'll keep going.
we need to.

things like this just make me appreciate the friendships and relationships I've been blessed to form 
that much more.

all in all, a good step for us in the friend direction!
and p.s.
its pretty comforting to know that I'm not crazy
and that most of us face this challenge

1 comment:

Interprintations said...

I can definitely relate. I have worked really hard to maintain my close college friendships...even though they aren't physically close, they will always be my closest friendships.