Thursday, November 4, 2010


this undeserved life.

I've been feeling overwhelmingly blessed and just held lately.
several people are doing the 30 days of thankfulness...
and while i didn't jump on that blogging board, 
i thought i would note that I do have so. much. to be thankful for.

so much.

the latest provision I've been given?
a part-time job
at none other than...

Victoria's Secret.

and i'm pretty darn pumped on so many levels.
thank you, Jesus,
for continuing to provide.

what are you especially thankful for today? the rain? cooler weather? a nice, big hug?

1 comment:

Kristen McG said...

I'm especially thankful for dinner out that I didn't have to cook OR clean up. :) (on top of all the things I listed on my blog!)
I'm loving that you're writing more!!