Tuesday, November 2, 2010

grownup things.

i love being married. and grown up. and doing grown up things.
but since moving to Indianapolis (and finally leaving TU/Upland),
we've found a bit of a stumbling block in our adult life.
I would say that we're both social, outgoing people. 
but man, making friends when you're an adult can be kind of hard.
unless you meet at work, school, or church...
where do you meet?
I was talking to a girl at school about this.
We swapped numbers and were like...
that was awkward.
I feel like a 12 year old who just moved cross country and doesn't have social skills.
And then you add the challenge of approval of your spouse.
That sounds shallow.
but you all know its true.
And then there's time.
um, we're busy. and it takes effort to develop friendships.
ugh...can't we just go back to high school/college and have all of our old friends live down the hall/road from us?!

ok, but seriously. 
its not that bad.
but kinda.

anywho, all this to say...
we're going out on a limb tonight.
We're going to a small group for married couples through our church.
we're the youngest.
and we have not met any of them.
will we fit it?
will I like them, but J not?

we really need fellowship and to feel like we belong to TPCC,
so I'm praying it goes well.
And I'm sure I'm being a baby.

but sometimes grownup things are uncomfortable.
this is one of those things.

here goes nothing!


Simply Bonkers! said...

I have wondered the same thing! Hubby and I moved to our town 3 years ago. These are not the same type of "friends" as I'm used to. They are neighbors, that we get together only once in a while. Another friend, I met at an auciton and we see each other 3-4 times a year. Another set of friends we have are my coworker and her hubby. That's about it...and we're OK with that.

Kelly Allen said...

Oh, how I know what you're going through. I got married when I was 19 and it was instantly like "where did all my friends go?" It's still hard and I don't really have any advice. AND time IS the biggest issue because you'll find people you love and will only get together with them once every couple of months. We've found the best way is through church. Having a baby and becoming a momma helped because I found other mommas. Good luck tonight. hope you make some friends!

p.s. I think your blog is cute too.

stacey said...

i feel as if i could have written this entry...we've been in lex 16 months and still haven't met any friends i feel the same way about as you and my friends from back home. it stinks! annnnd, i almost laughed out loud (except ben is sleeping beside me while i have insomnia, so i didn't) when you mentioned spouse approval--SO true! i like the girl and ben doesn't "connect" with the guy...it's hard, but i hope you successfully met some people you both connect with! love you!

laureneshepherd said...

how was it?! i want to hear how it went - i'm really, really proud of you for going out on a limb! let's get together soon! I MISS YOU!