Monday, November 1, 2010


today's monday. 
ever since I left work and went back to school, I've started loving mondays. seriously.
Well, mostly because I feel like I'm taking 2years worth of sick days, when I'm not really sick. Its like playing hooky (is that how you spell it?!), but I can't even get in trouble.
i'm allowed to take mondays off. i'm actually supposed to. (well, until my practicum starts in January. but whatever)
Also, I get to hang out with two pretty cool elderly ladies for a service learning project I'm doing.
And I get to sleep in.
And eat lunch with my hubby.
And play with my dog (who is currently running laps around the apartment)
And eat tacos.
um, well I don't eat tacos every monday.
but today I am.
and I looooove tacos. (we may or may not eat them at least once a week. don't judge)

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e.e. said...

girl i hear you on the adult friend making! it is way hard. thank goodness i have built in friends in my housemates, otherwise i'd be lonely. one of my housemates and i tried the small group route to friend making, and it was an epic fail. i hope you have better luck than we did!