Saturday, August 28, 2010

Justin's in Chicago for a bachelor party this weekend, so I'm trying to keep myself busy working on school stuff, cleaning, menu-making, and hanging out with this fool...

(he's been laying like that for the last 20 minutes, no joke.)

I love quiet and solitude and all that jazz and usually I would relish weekends to myself like this, but for some reason I'm not this time. I barely slept last night without Justin and find that I have to keep myself busy to not go crazy in this apartment alone. Sunday afternoon (when J gets back) most definitely cannot come quickly enough!

(I'm loving my new, warm fall candles! They make we want to put white chicken chili on my menu for the next two weeks!)


Kristen McG said...

I'm about to get out my fall scents too. So ready for the cooler weather!! Let me know when you work into a nice routine and have some free time- I REALLY Want to see you!

e.e. said...

i love that pic of murph! AND i can't wait to see you at gretch and kev's wedding!!