Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sigh of relief.

First day of grad school- done.
Verdict- not too bad!

I woke up bright and early this morning, half-nervous/half-excited about the official start of this new chapter. As the long day of syllabus-reading, group discussing, and power point overviews unfolded, I realized that I did not, in fact, bite off more than I can chew (as I've been questioning for the past week!). Instead, I was reminded of my deep passion to help others, to challenge my own thinking and encourage others to do the same, to surround myself with wise individuals, to seek to know my God better through my studies and my career. I walked out of class today feeling very blessed for this opportunity and excited about the refining process that these next two years will surely bring. (Remind me of that six months from now when I'm knee deep in journal articles, research papers, and field work...or when I get my first paper returned and a big fat C or D stamped across the front!).

Other things I'm especially enjoying tonight...
orange sherbert.
my sweet dog.
and my wonderful, supportive husband!

and now, I'm off to cuddle with said supportive husband :) Happy Tuesday!

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laureneshepherd said...

I am SO proud of you!
You'll do great and you're going to learn so much. I have a feeling you will thrive in grad school!

We miss you guys!