Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new resolve. to blog more.

yes, this may be my millionth attempth at blogging more. but this time...this time it will work. why? because i have a specific topic in mind that i want and kind of need to write about regularly.

what? my wedding.

don't get worried. i am far from obsessed with all things weddings, including my own. i am truly a simple person. but i'm also an unorganized, busy, distracted person. so i need to do this to help me focus. and to just give myself time in general to think and be excited about such a big day in my life!

so here's my start. i've been engaged for 2 months. whew. it seems like forever! and i have exactly 93 days until i will be Mrs. Justin Kyle Rush! That thought makes me so excited. so so SOOOOOOO excited!

especially after the past few days we've had together. man, have they been eventful. i had my laparoscopy on friday morning to check for/trerat endometriosis. (have it, treated, should be feeling tons better soon!) and then the following days (including Easter) were filled with a few bad reactions to the anesthesia and pain meds. and justin taking care of me and seeing me in ways he probably never thought he would...or wanted to. (imagine lots of throwing up, barely moving, the whole after-surgery mess) i'm still working on getting better...can't quite walk up straight or at a normal pace, tired...all that jazz. and then last night, he came down with something baaaad. stuff coming out both ends...endlessly. the severly inadaquete health service on campus then directed on a pointless day of checking for apendicitis when he really just ate something bad. so as we sat at the hospital today-both sick and not all fully functional- we realized we really are in this for life. through sickness and health.

other things i'm cooking up on the wedding front:

invitations. i should have my proof in the next week!

bridesmaids outfits. i'm cooking up something i'm really excited about. and crossingn my fingers they'll be excited too!

flowers ideas (centerpieces, bouquets, etc.)

ceremony ideas.

but more on all those later. this little bride to bee has not gotten much sleep in the past few nights or taken pain meds in far too many days. my body is screaming for sleep...and sleeping in.

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