Thursday, April 16, 2009

people pleaser? guilty.

I love people. I love making people smile and laugh and feel loved...all that good stuff. too often, though, i do it all at the sake of myself. i admit it, i'm a people pleaser.

don't get me wrong, its not always a terrible thing. i love it because well...people are always happy! but it annoys my fiance to DEATH. he is always on me to do what i want and to stop just going along with whatever anyone with a stronger opinion than me wants. but most of the time, its still not a huge deal.

then enter wedding planning. probably the single most important thing that i am supposed to be most excited and opinionated about. and get my way with. (does that sound terribly bratty?!) more often than not, though, i've just let whatever someone else cares more about than me just happen. for instance, FMIL (future mother in-law) has always dreamed of her little boy's wedding day and in her dream, she's envisioned him in a tux. anything else would break her heart. but i really wanted casual, simple. but, really, i don't care that much and she has such a strong opinion...why not just go with tuxes?

this is where Justin gets SO frustrated. we've had many a confrontation about it. and so, i am working on becoming a recovering people pleaser. at least in all things related to my wedding.

i relapse often.

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