Saturday, April 4, 2009

a lifetime of this?

as i'm getting ready to be married and share my life with someone for the rest of forever...i keep learning more about what marriage really means.

i am really loving our premarital counseling. we have fun, but are also able to just talk about things with somone objectively helping us communicate those things to one another. because Lord knows we communicate differently sometimes.

which leads me to what i'm thinking about right now. i would be lying if i said that i don't get frustrated or hurt or even angry at Justin. those things in theirselves don't seem to be the problem, however. the problem lies with how i deal with them. how do i, well we, approach them? do i get so frustrated about things...but never feel comfortable to bring them up? how do i express my hurt to him? my anger?

and am i ok with doing this forever? (not that everyday will be one filled with these emotions!) but really...forever? or do i want to just get up and walk away? cause sometimes that would be THE easiest thing to do.

and i've come to realize...i AM ok with this forever. i don't want to just let my emotions and reactions get the best of me. not that they are not valid feelings and responses. but this love thing...its a choice. not just on good easy days. every day. and i want that and am committed to that.

yeah, i'm young. but i'm not stupid. i know what i'm getting myself into with this whole marriage thing. i know every day won't be sunshiney and full of laughters. and i'm ok with that.

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