Wednesday, April 1, 2009

four months, an irish vacay, an engagement, and half a semester later...

well. i'm just not quite sure where to start. maybe by saying that i nearly forgot about this silly thing?! well... since february i have. i was fully aware in ireland. just busy and uninterested?

how about a little list to organize my thoughts and the events of the last handful of months? ok good!

1. oh. i forgot that i skipped over christmas break. it was great. trip to nyc to see my sister and bro-in law. and to jersey to meet some of justin's fam/friends. fun. then to fl. to spend time w/his parents. always a welcome vacation on the beach! and time with my fam was great as well..we're all just growing up and changing up some traditions.

2. ireland for january. wonderful. absolutely wonderful. i'm still processing everything even now. it was relaxing and engaging and intense and so much more all at the same time. the organization, ACET, that we learned from was amazing. simply amazing. David and & Wendy Richards...theCEO and his wife tought me so much! i was challenged and changed and continue to ruminate on the things i experienced and saw and learned. good stuff. no idea what it means for my future.

3. this semester. whew. PRAISE THE LORD its 1/2 way over. i NEED to be done with college. its been busy and fun. different faces on campus, others gone, new classes, wrapping up life here...all good stuff. but May 23rd sure could come a little quicker if it wanted to. i give it full permission!

4. oh! that engagement thing! well, long story short, justin asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! how exciting (to say the least)! its the strangest thing to have found someone that i can absolutely see, and desire by my side forever...serving the Lord together, struggling through things together, laughing with, raising a family with...all of that! he has taught me so much of the love of Christ and grace and forgiveness and fun and laughter and life. i'm so excited for the next chapter in our lives!!!

5. so...on that note. we're getting married on July 17th, 2009! soon? yes! just the way we want it? yes! well, kind of. we initially wanted to get married in august but a few road (or person) blocks forced us to push it up to july. i have one less month to wait to marry the man of my dreams? how terrible! :) so a short and sweet 5 month engagement it is. and we're already 1 1/2 months into it!

6. i am officially starting the dreaded job hunt. well, its not all that dreadful at all! i have some connections around here (oh yeah, justin and I will be living around Taylor next year) and a little bit of cushion time. I am really just praying and trusting God. he brought me here...he'll continue to guide and provide. hah...that rhymes.

7. i am currently NOT working on my take-home test that is due today. why? because i'm extremely unmotivated. getting back from spring break (and another trip to FL) is NOT fun. and you would think "take home test? really katie. that's got to be so easy." nope, you're wrong. Once i start it (yeah...i haven't really gotten that far yet) and finish it will end up being about 15-20pg. ugh. but the teacher is the easiest grader, i'm an awesome bs'er, and i'll get an A no matter what in the class. so why the heck am i still procrastinating? your guess is as good as mine!

8. i don't really have an 8. i should probably end now, huh? and start on that test? before my meeting at 2 and my other one at 3? and before I head to go talk to the print shop about invites at 4? and probably before my date night with justin right after that? is, after all, due today. wish me luck!

(I've been reading in Luke lately and come upon several verses when, after something young Jesus does or people say about him, the author makes note of the fact that his mother, Mary "kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often." i don't know really why i'm drawn to that... but its got me thinking about what things i allow myself to store up and reflect on often. hm.....just a random thought i might include)

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