Wednesday, December 3, 2008

until then

one of these days, i really will sit down and put all of the jumbled thoughts in my head down in this darn blog. i really mean to often. i have so much going on in my silly head, its just a matter of stopping to reflect on them myself before writing them for the world to see.

i see christmas break and j-term as my reprise. the beginning of break will be busy...but essentially from december 24th-february 1st i will have time to rest, reflect, and collect. that is just what i plan to do, both with my short time at home and my time in ireland. (i'm going to ireland for my senior psychology capstone...i'll be working with/learning from ACET in dublin).

things on my mind right this moment:

1. i have a ton of work to do. mainly that pesky online class that i MUST finish this week

2. i really love the girls that i live with. being a PA has been a great experience so far. the Lord has been teaching me a lot about myself through seeing into the lives of so many others. did that make sense?

3. i miss running. i just miss it. its been months since i even worked out. i don't miss it because i think i'm fat or hate the way i look (if anything, i'm losing weight because of my digestive problems), but because it is such a release, such an energizing thing for me. it used to be such a neat way to meet with God and glorify him with my body. all that to say, i haven't done it since september and i miss it. the day i get the time and energy, i will start again. i am praying (literally) that that day comes soon.

4. i can't believe i only have 6 months left in college. so many thoughts come out of that. what am i going to do? where am i going to go? where will justin fit into all of this? good thing they are all just that...thoughts. i'm really trusting God in this and praying about all of it. and honestly, not doing much planning outside of daydreaming until next semester.

5. i'm excited to go to new york city (and see my sister and brother-in-law who live in manhattan!) next week! and then to florida (to see justin's fam) right after that! oh i love you!

ok. homework. ick.

by noon next thursday i'll be done though!

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Stacey said...

hey, kb! i miss you too. lots. there have been many times i just needed to get away from campus and wished that you were here. anyway, i hope your time away has been amazing! can't wait to see all your amazing pictures and here all about it!

in the mean time, my email is

love you, dear.