Monday, November 24, 2008

real post coming soon, promise. probably tomorrow, as i'll be working the front desk for about 7 hours.

but just to catch up quickly...

i didn't find much out at the doctor. well, kind of. i do have a cyst. but its little and shouldn't be causing as much pain as it is. which doesn't seem to matter b/c my gyno did not seem concerned that i am in a pretty good amount of pain. they are just going to monitor it. i'm starting birth control, too, to help with the pain eventually. this will also help them see if i have endometriosis. if i don't feel better in few months, they'll look into a laproscopy. but that's months from now. and she was very adamant about the pain not being connected to my digestive problems. so i may still go for a second opinion for that. but honestly, i'm tired. i don't want to go to another doctor to be told 'its not that bad. lot's of people deal with IBS" because 1. i don't think i have ibs. i actually hate that term. 2. it is that bad...since its continually getting worse and 3. don't i know my body better than anyone else?!

but, it is what it is. and dwelling on it won't help me feel better! so instead, i'm just working on staying caught up with my school work and get to break! three weeks from now, i'll have a good long break from all things academic. i can hardly wait!

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