Monday, November 17, 2008

figuring things out.

i always have such aspirations of being a regular blogger. i'm just no good at it. at least not at this stage in life. thank goodness college is almost over :)

a bit of a health update. late thursday night i started experiencing some pain in my lower right abdomen. i finally got to sleep. when i woke up the next morning, the pain slowly came back. it hurt so bad that i decided i should go to the ER, in case in was my appendix. after lots of tests, they ruled out a UTI, kidney stones, and even appendicits. but they already had me scheduled for a CT scan (and i had already drank that NASTY stuff for it) so they went ahead with it. good thing. they found an ovarian cyst. not too unusual. but if it has anything to do with any of the other problems i've been having for about 11 months, it could be. and it is dang painful. the doc didn't tell me too much information. since its not his specialty, he wanted to me to get a second look. right away. so, in a few hours i'm headed home for a gyno visit. hopefully they'll be able to tell me more. i'm praying that this and my other symptoms are related, because finding relief for all of it would be amazing. so if you think of, would you mind lifting me up in prayer today? i'm on some pretty strong pain meds as well. but since i cannot drive when i'm on them, i won't be able to take any today. ouch.

but, this is the answer i've been praying for. maybe i can start to feel better soon!

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katemcdonald said...

praying for you? any news?