Friday, November 7, 2008

back to blogging.

i would love to say i have a good excuse for my lack of blogging lately, but i don't. at all. this 'sickness' thing is still racking my body and i'm trying to find out what it is. i started a gluten-free diet wednesday to see if that helps at all. i sure hope so, cause if not, i'm just denying myself of delicious food for nothing :)

there's only 5 weeks left in the semester. whoa. where has the time gone? i'm working my tooshy off to finish up a long-overdue online art course. i aced my last Stats test. residence life if postion as an RA is wonderful and i've been learning a lot lately.

i swear i had something of substance to write when i started this post. now i can't think of anything. guess i'll try again later. just wanted to say that i'm alive :)

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