Sunday, August 12, 2018

Stone Harbor 2018.

In July, we took our annual trip to the Jersey Shore. We stay in a small town called Stone Harbor and, if you're ever looking for a new summer vacation spot, you have to check it out! It is so quaint- with a perfect downtown and gorgeous summer homes filling the town and miles of beaches that are so well kept. We love it a bit more every year!

  The trip changes a little each time we go as the boys get older- less naps, more opinions, more fun, and more adventuring. Tyler half loved and half hated the beach, which was interesting to work around. Caleb, on the other hand, absolutely loves it. We had fun just soaking in family time with Justin's extended family and just overall unplugging for a full week.

  Some highlights (so I don't forget!)
-leaving a day early so we could break up our drive. We stopped for a late supper at Cracker Barrel and laughed way too far into the early morning as we all snuggled together in the hotel and tried to sleep.
-our tradition of driving straight to the beach before unloading or stopping by the house
-the sandbar we discovered this year! Perfectly calm and shallow water for toddler 'surfing' and hermit crab hunting and water gun fights
-night time bike rides
-annual visit with our favorite Jersey friends (and their girls!)
-breakfast almost every morning at Uncle Bill's
-morning walks on the beach before the rest of the house is awake
-our beach neighbors for the week who gave us a glimpse into what our future raising brothers will be like
-beach fireworks
-three generations laughing together
-running our first (and LAST family 5k)

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