Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Summer goals.

  It's the day after Memorial Day and it just truly feels as if summer has begun. The temperature outside has been hovering around 90 for the past few days, we've made 4 trips to our neighborhood pool since Saturday, and we've only eaten grilled food for the past three days. Does summer get any more cliche than that?

  Every summer, I make a little 'fun list' to do with the boys. Caleb was really into it last year, so I think we'll sit down and make one together this week. But I found myself wanting to sort of make a list or just some summer goals for myself too. After a few days thinking about it, here's what I came up with!

Get back into running regularly. I've actually been working on this for the past month or so and just want to keep it up. I've already registered the run a half marathon again this November, so these next few months will be great to just get back into basic shape. That looks like 3 runs each week/one being a 'long' run (by long, I mean 5ish miles!)

Read through Psalms. Pretty self-explanatory! My goal is to read and study one or more Psalm each day from now until September.

Open my new market! I still have lots to share about this and I am crazy excited about it, but specifically I want to set-up my home office, complete wholesale orders, begin marketing, and build my online storefront by August and have my grand opening on August 15th. SO SOON!

Be quieter. With so many regular things on break for summer, it just seems like a great time to be intentional about taking a break ourselves. What I mean by that is hopping off Instagram for a couple months, being involved in less organized activities, etc. I'm doing kids camp at church with the boys and one big play date with my moms' Bibles study group- but other than that we are saying no to any other big things. I'm excited to be a little less involved this summer (and I'm guessing we'll continue it into the Fall...)

Blog more. I'm shooting for a blog post each weekday to help me just think out loud and practice being creative. I miss it and with all the business planning I'm in the middle of, it will be great to have a small place to process!

Tackle a house project. This is always on my to-do list and I don't hate it! Specifically, I need to paint our laundry room cabinets and I want to gather materials to start our little mudroom space by August. 

I might throw in a few more as I think of them (summer reading is always on my list) or change my mind about the ones I've already come up with. Either way, it is fun to spend time thinking of how I can be intentional about these sweet summer months and come up with specific ways to make it all happen. 

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