Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Whole30 recipes we genuinely like.

  When Justin and I did Whole30 almost 3 years ago, hardly anyone we knew had heard of it. We found a decent amount of info and recipes on the internet, but nothing even close to what you can find today. That's a good thing! Justin is in the middle of doing another round and it seems a ton easier this time- maybe because it's not so foreign. But also because we have found a good handful of recipes we truly like.

  Justin did Whole30 again last month and, while he was the only technically following it, our entire family has begun to eat compliant suppers at night. This simplifies meal planning and we're not having to make lots of different meals every day. Honestly, its been fun to look for and try new/challenging recipes again. By now we've discovered some we love and will keep using even after Whole30. So whether you want to try the 30 day lifestyle change (it really is worth it for a month- you'll feel amazing and find lots of new foods/meals you love) or you just like new, healthier recipes- here are some we genuinely like and make often!

Chipotle Ranch chicken: This one is fast and SO yummy. I sub real ranch for homemade Whole30 ranch (you can google and find a dozen simple recipes to make your own) and use chipotle chiles or compliant adobo sauce if I can find it.

Creamy sundried tomato chicken: This is just really, really good. You'd never know it doesn't have any dairy! Justin loves to shred up the chicken and eat it in Paleo naan (recipe below).

Spicy meat sauce: Great over pasta or zoodles or even a baked potato.

naan: You can't ever really replace actual breads, but this is a great substitute! We use them as tortillas.

mexican breakfast casserole: I don't love breakfast casseroles (probably because I'm not a huge egg or sausage fan), but Justin and the boys like this a lot! Justin wants me to note that he thinks it would be even better with white potatoes instead of sweet.

See our other Whole30 favs here.

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