Monday, April 10, 2017

On blogging.

 It's weird. I have a dozen blog posts rolling around in my head at any given time and another half dozen drafts just ready to be finished. Somehow, though, I never get around to sitting down and actually posting any of them. I know blogs are dying and hardly anyone reads this, but I don't actually mind any of that. I genuinely enjoy posting here and having a place to be a little creative and simply document life. I just also happen to lack the discipline of follow through. I'm hoping to change that!

  I'm working on writing and documenting life more regularly and making a plan to be more present here on the blog. That got me thinking of all my favorite things about blogs and blogging and I made a little list:

-inspire and encourages creativity
-normalizes all the different parts of life
-place of encouragement
-a great kind of hobby 
-helps focus and refocus
-fun source of tips and resources 
-place to document life
-accountability/positive challenge

  Of course, I made of list of my favorite blogs and I'm sure I'm missing some (that I still read regularly!)

-Under the Sycamore
-Emily Ley
-I Heart Orginizing
-Shannan Martin
-Thrifty Decor Chick
-Sally's Baking Addiction
-Lara Casey
-Valerine Keinsley 

  All of this to say, you'll be hearing more from me. And I'd love your input! If you're reading this, you obviously like blogs (or at least this one?). What do you love about blogs? What things do you like to read? I want to know! Take this little survey (open until Thursday at midnight) and I'll randomly select a winner to receive a Noonday gift card :) Thank you in advance!

ps.  Not familiar with Noonday? Find more info HERE.

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