Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday. (a weekly round-up)

 Hey friday! Justin's out of town for a few days on his annual snowboarding trip, so this won't actually feel like a real weekend. The boys both came down with the flu this week, and that, coupled with Justin gone, means lots of movies, Vicks, and snuggling. I don't mind one bit! It's supposed to warm up again here this weekend, and I'm hoping the sun stays out long enough for us to get out and about. I'm holding to my resolve for savoring February, but man, I won't be sad when Spring officially begins! 

Here are some fun links for you weekend:

Hilarious and a bit sad- why is America the last one to offer this?

Pink isn't usually my favorite color, but I'm obsessed with these shoes

One of my friends just open the cutest etsy shop.

After listening to this (SO SO GOOD), I want to buy this new book for every mom I know (including myself). 

I'm making plans to put Caleb's room together (we just plopped furniture in there when we moved 6 months ago) and I don't have many ideas. BUT I am in love with this 'awesome' pillow (just not the $40 price tag). SO CUTE. 

I feel like I've already shared this before, but we discovered an amazing chipotle chicken cheesesteak recipe.

My kids are so weird. I made sloppy joes from this cookbook last week and they refused to eat them. Isn't it a meal designed FOR KIDS?? 

Happy weekending! :) 


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Interprintations said...

Have you tried Mom's sloppy joe recipe? My two minions gobble it up!