Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween 2016.

   I've always been pretty indifferent about Halloween. My family didn't celebrate it growing up (we went to a big church party instead that was actually super fun!) and we lived on a country back road so our house never had trick or treaters. But having kids of my own (and living in the suburbs?) has changed that!  It turns out toddlers LOVE dressing up in their favorite costume and getting a bucket full of candy. So fun to watch!

  We actually celebrated 4 different times this year and I don't even think it was overkill. Caleb had a BLAST and was so used to his costume by the time actual holiday rolled around. He dressed up for my big Bible study on Thursday, Zoo Boo with friends on Friday, our neighborhood's Fall party on Saturday, and then for the real deal on Halloween. Guys, we got every penny's worth of his $20 construction worker outfit!

  Since we moved, we've had goals of inviting people over as often as possible and getting to know our neighbors. Halloween turned out to be perfect for both- we had my entire family over and were able to introduce ourselves to a few neighbors. Getting all of the cousins together (6 kids aged 4 and under!) is always crazy and a bit hectic, but absolutely always worth it! I don't take for granted how sweet it is that my kids live within 30 minutes of all their cousins on my side of the family and want to help them have as many fun memories with them as possible. Caleb is currently obsessed with his older cousins and spent the night trailing behind them and begging them to wait up. So sweet!

Gosh, I'm already excited for Halloween next year! And thankful that all of Caleb's candy is gone :) 

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