Monday, October 3, 2016


  A month ago I looked at my calendar and decided the first week of October was the perfect time to take a real break. I sent my boss notice and penciled 'vacation' on my calendar. And now it's here! I woke up this morning with no urge to break out my compute and check my work or make sure everything was lined up just so. I wasn't racing for the boys to go down for their naps (well a little, but only because I made myself REAL lunch and couldn't wait to eat it!). I sat in on a Noonday call and spent time dreaming up how I can help ladies around me gift well and with intention this holiday season. I even bought a box of ice cream sandwiches to share with Caleb.

  Maybe it seems silly as a stay at home mom with a part time (work from home) job to take a scheduled vacation. I really don't think it is. I have lots more to say on creating margin and simplifying when it makes sense, but today I'm just celebrating the start of vacation! Or stay-cation? Because I'm not really going anywhere, Justin is at work all week, and the only thing different is that I'm not working. But yay! My only plans are to make real lunches for myself, RUN (my 5k is coming up!), not work, and maybe work on Tyler's project life book. And blog! With vacation and the all-around simplifying that I've been doing, it seems that this 'ole blog is being dusted off in the process. Stay tuned!

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