Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saturday. (a weekly round-up)

  It's Saturday! Hooray! We have a wedding tonight and, after the last 24 hours of chipping our kitchen countertop, poking a large hole through our new basement drywall, figuring out our couch won't fit into the basement (aka how we damaged the wall...), and learning our handmade and super special dining table is an awkward size and doesn't have a good place in our new house- I am excited to just spend some time with Justin outside of the house and not focused on house things. It's all so materialistic and small in the big picture, but feels a bit frustrating and emotional (in the case of the table) when we're right in the middle of it (aka spending hours moving furniture, breaking things, etc). But! A date night to celebrate two sweet friends and their marriage! I can't wait.

  Have you had a good week? Or a long one? Ready for this weekend or is it so busy that you're already wishing for Monday? Hopefully some rest and fun and Fall weather happens for you. And in the meantime, here are some of my favorite links from around the internets this week :) Happy weekending!

// I've noticed lately that I don't really want to have the radio on in the car now that Caleb picks up on so much (and Klove gets old!) so I've added some more kid-friendly music to my phone for us to listen to. This brand new album is made for kids, but honestly I love it. And it has dance along videos! (This throwback and this awesome mix are our other current favs to listen to!)

// I couldn't have said it better myself. 

// If you're near the Indy area, this is the perfect family outing/girls night/date night idea! 

// Some of my all time favorite art prints to give as gifts are on super sale.  

// Need an awesome Christmas gift idea. This AMAZING leather tote 
is only available for order until OCTOBER 14TH! After that, our artisans have to work to catch up on work lost during the monsoon season. 

// And speaking of Christmas, THESE ORNAMENTS! THAT GARLAND!  

// I'm not sure I've mentioned it, but I'm running a 5k next weekend and am becoming really excited about it. Progress has been slow and a bit inconsistent, but loosely using this training program has been awesome. 

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