Monday, August 15, 2016


  And just like that, I'm not in my 20's anymore! I'm not sure what my 30's will look like, but I have a suspicion they'll be full of confidence in Jesus, really good friendships, sweet family memories, learning to say I'm sorry more often, intentionally loving others better, and giving more grace than ever before (to myself and others). When I turned 20, I could generally predict how the next decade would go- graduate college, maybe get married, start a career and consider grad school, buy a house, hopefully have babies. I feel less able (and less desire) to predict how this decade will actually look- I hope I'll transition back into social work once the boys are in school and we would love to stay in our new home for a really long time. But outside of those things- it's all a bit fuzzy in a good way. I couldn't predict what my life at 40 will look like if I tried. At 30, I'm realizing it's far less about what I accomplish and far more about what I let go of and trust God to do. 

  So, 30. Let's do this! How about an unofficial motto for this new decade? 

(And for fun, a little update at the 30 Before 30 bucket list I made last year...and a peek into how I'm already giving myself more grace for not being perfect and finishing it!)

[ 01 ] Finish reading through the Bible.
[ 02 ] Run a 10k.
[ 03 ] Have professional photos taken.[ 04 ] Finally make a wedding album.
[ 05 ] Take a family vacation.
[ 06 ] Read 12 books.
[ 07 ] Visit a new city.

[ 08 ] Host a dinner party. (I'm sure we did this in some form, but cooking club doesn't count!)
[ 09 ] Establish consistent date nights with Justin.
[ 10 ] Visit a winery.
[ 11 ] Take a fitness class.
[ 12 ] Buy one classic thing that is probably pricey, but will last me forever.
[ 13 ] Go tech-free for an entire week. 
[ 14 ] Do Whole30 again. (tried and quit in order to keep up my milk supply!)
[ 15 ] Try a new recipe every month.
[ 16 ] Volunteer. (So embarrassing! Definitely working on this this Fall)
[ 17 ] Make 2 more quilts. (1 down!)
[ 18 ] Have a picnic.
[ 19 ] Rewatch Anne of Green Gables.
[ 20 ] Memorize two verses of scripture each month. (I was reallllly good at this for half the year. #twokidsundertwo?
[ 21 ] Go to a concert.
[ 22 ] Be more involved in our church.
[ 23 ] Make a new family tradition.
[ 24 ] Build a capsule wardrobe. (No. Didn't happen. My wardrobe is SHOT after two pregnancy and two nursing babies. Help wanted.)
[ 25 ] Hold at least 24 Noonday Collection trunk shows. (So close! Hoping to cross this off in the next few months)
[ 26 ] Make our master bedroom something we're proud of {headboard, wall decor, anything!}
[ 27 ] Do one big-ish house project. (Putting our house on the market and moving counts to me!)
[ 29 ] Keep my closet clean for one month. (Yes!!!)
[ 30 ] I never added a 30th thing!!!

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