Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday musings.

  We just came home from a long week at the Jersey Shore (where Justin grew up, my first time going!, and not at all like the show on TV) and we spent all of yesterday recovering. Courtney was right when she said there is no such thing as vacation when you have little kids! But I'll save the trip recap for another post.

  I'm feeling a little scattered and all over the place this morning- we still have a little unpacking and de-sanding to do. I need to get back into the swing of work. We have the appraisal on our current home today (last step before closing!). And! Most exciting, the Noonday Fall collection is available for Ambassadors tomorrow- so I'm loading my shopping cart with all the cutest things for my Fall trunk shows. Eek!

  But anyways. Since I'm feeling scattered, a random scattered post only seemed fitting!

We're this close to officially closing on our current and new home- and praying nothing crazy pops up this time. We've started a list of all the new things we'll need to pick up right away (rugs, guest bed, window treatments, etc). So give me all your best deals! I'm eyeing Wayfair for rugs and am crossing my fingers they have a great sale soon

I stumbled on this post about Instagram and can't shake it. While I use IG for encouragement and positive things, it still seems like a time suck. Being off facebook since junior year of college has been wonderful and I truly don't feel like I miss anything without it. Would I feel the same if I nixed IG too?

We're on the hunt for an babysitter (we've yet to really lock down a regular one) so we can celebrate our upcoming anniversary at our favorite, favorite local restaurant and I CAN'T WAIT. A date sans kids with Justin, some delicious food, and a chance to celebrate 7 years- yes, please!

This adorable shop just opened up a couple blocks from our current house and I'm excited for some girls' nights out and a trip with my mom and sisters soon. Super cute!

It was pretty easy to squeeze in exercise and time for myself after Caleb was born, but it turns out that juggling two littles is a bit more challenging. Tyler is still too small to go into our jogging stroller and I really can't wake up early enough to workout before the boys wake up (hello, nighttime feedings to help Tyler gain weight!). So I've just been going on lots of long walks with the kids and fitting in whatever little things I can to workout. But I'm itching to do more. I really want to get back into running- I used to love it! I'm eying the Couch to 5k app everyone talks about and thinking of signing up for a 5k this Fall to keep me accountable. Anyone want to join in?

Happy Monday!


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Holly Osbeck said...

YAY for the house updates! I feel like anything can be a time-waster...I'm in a constant battle with how am I best using my time. And you should totally do the 5k--I would keep you accountable somehow!