Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday thoughts.

  Man, has it been a Monday. And it's only 2pm. Phew. I shared this on my instagram a bit ago and was relieved to hear that I'm not alone in my imperfections. Today started out so rough and I was ready for a redo by 7:15am. Oy.
  Walking upstairs to this scene later in the day was such a sweet reminder that yes, I have made so many mistakes today but God still sees fit to show me his goodness and grace. I can either keep beating myself up or worrying about little things. OR I can acknowledge his grace and good gifts and let them sink deep into my heart. 
  What a timely reminder. I worry a whole lot about upsetting others or being a burden or making the right choices for my kids or missing something that I should be worrying about when I can't think of anything specific at the time. WORRY. I think it sort of started creeping up on me over the summer and since then, I've been working really hard to fight it and take deep breaths and just rest in grace. But if you've ever been prone to anxiety, you know how difficult it can be to stop that reel that plays over and over in your head of all the things you should or could be doing better. 
  So today, I'm acknowledging that I need to say sorry and I need grace- but I don't need to sit in those places. God has put really good gifts right in front of me, even when I just don't deserve them. Seeing Caleb lay down to play with his little brother, a baby actually napping in his crib, and a clean house are doing my heart a ton of good right in this moment! 

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