Monday, March 14, 2016

Some things.

  One day last week while I was doing dishes, Caleb climbed up into a chair at our little kitchen table and asked for a banana. I think he learned he can climb into the chair  when we made cookies together and I let him stand on it to help me mix the batter, because now he's constantly pulling it out and climbing up.
  When I looked over at him in the chair, he all of the sudden seemed like such a big kid. It was one of those moments I'm sure to have over and over for the next forever as a mom. Kids grow up and it never stops amazing me how it seems to happen overnight sometimes! He also poses for the camera now, and his faces are pretty hilarious.

And then there's the gratuitous Tyler photo because I'm forever worried he's being forgotten or overshadowed by his crazy brother. You could say I'm super sensitive to him being the second kiddo!

Some other scattered, random thoughts on this dreary Monday morning...

. Justin just surprised me with a zoo membership and I can't wait to take the kiddos! And truthfully? I'm excited to become a regular there! My animal loving heart is so happy.

.The entire month of February was a big lesson in giving myself grace. Which has seeped over into March, because it turns out I still can't do everything perfectly and still need grace just because its a new month and we're not plagued with all the sicknesses anymore doesn't mean any of that changes. I feel like I'm busting through this grace thing in a way I haven't ever before- I'm finally feeling better about ignoring all the 'be bigger than your excuses' 'do everything better' 'you really can do it all' messages that seem to float around. Honestly? I can't do it all. Like this morning. I really wanted to squeeze in a workout, bible study, and pump a bottle before the boys woke up. But Tyler was stirring really early and then took a bit to go down after his early morning feeding, so I skipped the workout. But you know what? The world didn't crumble and I did get a bottle pumped! And I did have time to sit with Jesus and pray for my boys and my own anxieties and the big primaries happening today and to jot down some real reasons I have to be thankful. So, grace upon grace.

.On a lighter note, I am really loving random acts of kindness lately. Well, I guess they aren't random at all. Intentional acts of kindness. Last week, a sweet girl I know from high school just randomly sent me the sweetest gift in the mail and IT MADE MY WEEK. I kid you not. Ever since that package arrived, I've been working through a list of notes to send and little gifts I can send out to women who encourage me. Intentional acts of kindness, let's make it a thing.

.Would you believe me if I told you I actually lost weight last week just because I started eating real meals? Ha. Our metabolisms are strange like that- eat actual meals and your body knows what to expect! I'm making this tonight and cannot wait!

.We have less than a month until our beach vacation (I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED) and I need a new swimsuit that a)is flattering b)is supportive (thankyouverymuchbreastfeeding) and c)isn't made for a 45 year old. Any ideas??

And, in case you need a reason to smile- I'll leave you with Caleb's new favorite faces. Happy Monday friends!

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