Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sweet Saturdays. {a weekly round-up}

Sneak peek of our amazing newborn session with Sara!

  So, I basically threw myself a pity party last night for having to stay home while Justin went to his company Christmas party. I so wanted to go. Adult interaction! A chance to wear a pretty dress instead of yoga pants! Wine! Getting out of the house! But with no babysitter {I mean, I wouldn't leave my newborn with really anyone other than my mom or sisters} and a baby who eats every 3ish hours- I really needed to stay home. And I think I might be getting mastitis {awesome}. So, yes. A full blown pity party. There's a 100% chance hormones played into it. Absolutely. But still, it really was silly because I spent the night snuggling with the sweetest newborn and slept in a bit this morning {7:45!} while Justin wrangled the toddler. 
  Anyways, the pity party is over! I have plans to wear a pretty dress on New Year's Eve, both boys have napped awesomely today, and I'm currently snuggling that same newborn with a cheesy Christmas movie on in the background while the big guys are doing our grocery shopping. Basically, all has been redeemed. Life is so not perfect {I still think I have mastitis...}, but it seems so much better when I choose to be thankful and find joy wherever I can. Amen? Hope your weekend is just as simple and sweet. Here's to what's left of the weekend and the short work week to come! 

This song just makes me happy.

Such a good reminder that Christmas looks different for everyone and people are still good. 

I love a good, cheesy Christmas movie. Thank you, Netflix! 

So awkward and strange, but I'm sort of into this newish show

Justin and I are doing Whole30 again and I'm building up my recipe index again. 

These early days of breastfeeding make me SO hungry and I may have made an entire batch of my favorite fudge that I don't plan to share at all...

Please tell me one of these is a dead ringer for the real thing. 

Happy weekending! 

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