Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On sleeping and Christmas.

  Only 3 weeks old and this little dream baby went 9 hours between feedings last night! {7pm-4am} Nevermind that I was up every thirty minutes between 1-4am, just waiting for him to wake up and feeling very ready to feed him if you know what I mean. But can you even believe it? 9 hours! 3 weeks old! Caleb didn't go that long until he was nine weeks old. No complaints here! I'm calling it his Christmas gift to me :) {and don't worry! The dr. told us he's growing so well that he can sleep as long as he wants at night}
  And speaking of Christmas, I am so stinking excited. Justin has 5 whole days at home with us {someone else to change poopy diapers!}, Caleb is so into unwrapping presents right now, tons of family time, and I even have plans with one of my favorite people ever to get pedicures tonight. So many good things!

  I do have plans to sit down and write about life {so far} with 2 under 2. But in a nutshell? Its been really sweet. God has really protected this time for us. Caleb loves Tyler {he actually loves so hard, we're really working on the word gentle} and Tyler has taken it easy on us. I'm trying to be intentional about keeping my real camera out so I can capture photos of life right now. Its the sweetest season and it all goes so fast, I want to capture bits to help us remember!

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