Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Kitchen dreams.

 So I realize its Christmas week and most blog posts are about Christmas-y things. But I like to be different? Really, I've just been thinking a ton about updating our kitchen lately. We'll be putting our house on the market this Spring/Summer-ish and all the talk about it has me making a mental list of things we need to update or change to get ready for that. Including some updates to our kitchen!
  To be honest, I'm pretty bummed we haven't updated our kitchen during the past four years. When we bought our house, it was the only project I really, really wanted to do. There has just always been somewhere else to put our time and money and its been hard to get Justin on board. But I'm determined now! Maybe its the perfect winter project?
  I love our house. Its been the perfect starter house for us. But it is pretty builder grade and the neighborhood is very starter, so when I say I want to update our kitchen, I'm not talking about custom cabinets and granite countertops. Just a coat of paint on the cabinets and walls and maybe some new light fixtures. I've been dying to paint our cabinets white since the moment we first walked through this house! It would be silly to do any expensive remodeling, since we'd never get that money back when we sell it. But the little updates of fresh paint would just brighten up the space and make it look so nice!
  So, help me out. What tutorials or tips do you have for me? Honestly, we've though about hiring painters to tackle our cabinets. The guys that touched up our outside trim gave us a super cheap quote. But is it worth it to just do it myself? 


Interprintations said...

Um...those are the exact lights we're putting over our kitchen island. =) Aren't they dreamy?? Straight off of one of my favorite episodes of "Fixer Upper" (the Tire Swing house) - if that show is on Netflix, you should add it to your "must watch" list!

Can't wait to see what projects you tackle before listing the house!

Stormy said...

Those lights are amazing! I feel like I need them!