Friday, September 11, 2015

{Another} weekly round-up.

  This week has sort of felt like a marathon. I'm so excited for a {hopefully} low key weekend and a chance to sneak away to get my hair cut {so overdue, I'm bordering on Amish these days}. Our calendar has filled up so fas {with great things!} and I just realized we have four free, unplanned weekends between now and when I'm full-term. Oy. Here's to making the most of those 4 weekends! And filling one up with a trip to Ikea/preparing for this little guy...

//Have you watched this new take on of my childhood favorites? It's so cheesy, but I sort of love it. Corey is like the new Mr. Feeney!

//I had a Starbucks date last night and knew I needed to avoid caffeine. Then I discovered this awesome herbal chai and fell in love. Try it and thank me later!

//If you're cruising the aisles of Target and think these pumpkin scones look amazing, let me save you some trouble. They're AWFUL. Just splurge on a premade one from your favorite bakery. Or Starbucks...

//I sort of love this 13 year-old singer!

//I'm so so so excited for all the fun Noonday Collection things going on this month! Have you heard about our birthday celebration? Or how we're partnering with AdoptTogether? I'm getting a head start on my Christmas shopping and am so excited to buy gifts that are making a difference around the world! 

Happy weekending!!!

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